Creating business partnerships and collaborations between academia and industry to facilitate commercialisation in the nanotechnology industry.

Company Representation

Providing companies currently outside Europe with a speedy, contract based, cost effective and flexible way of achieving a presence in the UK.

Through our consultancy services we can represent your organisation and give you UK based presence at industry events and workshops. We will target, approach and establish partners, distributors and clients, along with commissioning the highest levels of scientific expertise to demonstrate and sell complex equipment, as well as organise training and forge a value added business in Europe.

Commissioning world class scientific experts

  • Commissioning world class scientific experts to carry out patent landscape reports and Intellectual Property (IP) assessments
    • to understand who your competition is
    • details and strength of their claims
    • market strategy assessments
    • development of a strong business plan to give your company the best chance of attracting investment.

Open Innovation Consortium building

Working with Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd, we have introduced and brought together collaborative partners for the Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials (NCEM) consortium and continue to work with clients seeking colaborative partnerships in the construction and pharma industries.

We can work across almost any industry;

  • Identifying key partners
  • Managing invitations
  • Managing and chairing collaboration meetings
  • Promoting benefits to new potential partners

U.S. Public company Management Services (OTC Bulletin Board)

With 2 and a half years contract CEO services to U.S. start up Vendum Batteries Inc., we have the right experience to help other U.S. companies with;

  • Maintaining SEC regulatory compliance with quarterly and annual filings (8K events, 10K & 10Q)
    • Legal counsel appointment
    • XBRL & Edgar filing appointment
    • Stock Transfer Agent appointment
  • Arranging operations funding
  • Business planning for institutional investment (S1)
  • Business planning for Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Appointment and organisation of world class technical advisors to boards to steer Intellectual Property (IP) development

Knowledge Transfer business management planning

Negotiation and project planning for commercialisation of IP owned by academic organisations around the world.

Most universities have patents waiting to be commercialised, but their Knowledge Transfer teams do not have the resources, time, or dedicated expertise to find the right partners, business managers and technical teams to develop their IP and attract vital R&D funding. We can provide this as a service and create project plans to take IP from materials science, through characterisation, to proof of concept and pre production prototypes and readiness for scaled up production.

Applications for European Commission (EC) FP7 funding

The final draft of the 2013 EC FP7 NMP call was released July 10th and FE are here to help clients navigate through the complex process of proposal writing, consortium building and dissemination and exploitation management.

The link to download the final draft is;

The work programme PDF ca be downloaded via the link below;

Many companies find it too daunting to apply for EC grants, but our services are aimed at providing experienced proposal writers who will select the best possible collaboration partners for your bid, giving you the maximum chance of success.

Upon achieving a successful bid, we can appoint and arrange a project management team structure to set clear milestones for all partners and maintain clear and precise dissemination and exploitation management.

We can also offer advice on proposal applications for the European Commission ‘Horizon 2020’ funding program, please complete our enquiry form on the contact page and we will be delighted to arrange a conference, or Skype call with an expert project manager.

Technology commercialisation

Developing nanotechnology for the clean energy and environmental business sectors. We cannot wave a magic wand to pass the competition overnight and overcome all the challenges of making nanotechnology profitable, but we can bring together world class people with the same mindset and ambitions to make improvements to current technology that make a business viable.

The challenges remain huge, but the drive to innovate whilst remaining open minded and flexible is a luxury that small businesses offer, working with the right partners is the way to create great leverage and value.

Small ans spin out companies tend to offer so much technical expertise within a narrow field, often lead by highly qualified scientists, but FE can bring vital business skills to compliment and help drive the company to the next level of funding and commercialisation capability.

Custom made industry updates

Creating valuable Intellectual Property (IP) is not just about having great scientists, knowing who is doing what in your industry is key to staying ahead and planning your next investment in Research and Development.

FE offers clients quarterly, or biannually updated reviews on industry, patent landscape and scientific literature, covering latest announcements, technical news, updates and public information monitoring.

Academics and small businesses can benefit from a patent landscape review, which can be offered on a one off, or periodically updated basis and this gives any company great assurance on where they compare to their competitors.